Artist Statement

Each image is built with layers of hand pulled prints – adding, erasing, obscuring and revealing. Every layer applied leaves a residue and history. The result is a dense, lush and complex surface, where one element peeks around another, or dissolves in to the next. The layering process mimics the accumulation of experiences and complexities evident in ourselves, and the world around us.  

The compositional choice of working with compartments/parts, which comprise a whole, in many ways reflects the relationship that we as individuals have to the larger, universal whole. The visual divisions present in the work encourage the perception of comparison.

The organic forms used as subject matter allude to both micro and macrocosms. Examples include references to celestial diagrams, aerial maps, natural patterns, genetic encoding and biological structures. The mysterious qualities of nature and biology function as a metaphor for the ethereal and spiritual.

Visually and conceptually, the work balances between the familiar and the abstract. The recognizable imagery encourages the viewer to enter the work, while the abstract imagery provides a glimpse into the unknown.